Wedding Music Bands For Your Wedding Ceremony In Nassau and Suffolk County

Music performed live has always been an exciting and captivating experience. That’s why we’ve added the “LIVE” back into our DJ Packages. Our talented musicians accompany the DJ’s music, adding rhythm and melody to the existing song. We offer a variety of wedding music bands on Long Island that include: singers, percussion, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and many more. It’s classy, elegant and will truly take your party to the next level.

DanceJock Productions offers quality live music for wedding ceremonies in Nassau and Suffolk County. Our live wedding music packages come with a number of options. Whether you need wedding music bands or orchestra, DanceJock Productions has a full staff of live musicians waiting.

Types Of Wedding Musicians

We offer a number of different types of live musicians for your wedding ceremony. From ceremony to reception our live wedding bands will play a variety music for your guests.

Live Musicians Include:

  • Soloist (Violin, Piano, Guitar, Trumpet)
  • Saxaphone
  • Jazz Combos
  • String Quartet

View our live wedding music options below:

The addition of our singer and/or percussionist to your DJ package will truly take your party to the next level. Instead of “Background” music during all of your courses, our singer performs your favorite ballads LIVE. It’s Classy, Elegant and will give you a seamless event. Your party never feels like there’s a break.

Our Percussionist comes with a kit consisting of Conga, Bongo and Timbale drums and adds rhythm throughout the affair. It’s Infectious!

Todays hottest trend in the fusion of a DJ and live music is definitely our Electric Violinist here at Dancejock Productions. Some of the hottest touring bands have been adding this instrument to their live shows to the accolades of all who see it.

The combination of the DJ’s best music and the violinist adding spontaneous riffs and flavor will have everyone in amazement. The visual aspect of the performance lends itself to an even more exciting presentation and a “cool” elegance .

Electric Violin is a also available for cocktail hour. It’s classic!

The saxophone is recognized by many people as their favorite instrument. Our saxophone player adds an exciting dimension and flava’ to the music our DJ’s are performing. The combination of alto sax during dance music, and soprano sax played over dinner courses, will add class to the presentation and excitement to the music.

There are a number of ways to invigorate your party atmosphere with live entertainment. At Dance Jock, we’ve got an assortment of varying talent to accommodate everything from formal to informal affairs.

If you’re hosting a wedding, perhaps you’d like to amplify the charm with our Classical Duo, featuring a live violinist and cellist. The duo will mesmerize your guests with classical favorites, leaving your ceremony with unforgettable feelings of class and elegance. Or, if you’re looking to spark some fun at a youth event, a magician is the perfect answer! Both kids and adults have responded with great excitement at the sight of our thrilling magician’s skill.

Whatever special affair you’re planning, live entertainment is a quintessential way to magnify the mood of the event.

Your ceremony will come alive with our Classical Duo featuring a live Violin & Cello. The beauty of the music resonates with elegance and class for your wedding service. With a full selection of classical favorites your guests won’t soon forget your wedding ceremony. Custom arrangements available by request.