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Cocktail Hour

Want something special for your cocktail hour to set the mood for your affair? How about one of our live musicians to get the party started? We have everything from piano players, classical and jazz ensembles, to mariachi bands. Whatever you’d like to fit the theme of your affair, it’s available!

Pianist/Keyboardist ▼

There’s nothing like the elegance of a live pianist! During cocktails, our pianist plays all the classic and current hits. Whether you like Broadway, jazz, pop or classical, we can provide a plethora of options. Pianists are also an option for your wedding ceremony if at the same location.

Cocktail Duo ▼

Our 2 piece cocktail pop duo features a keyboardist and drummer. The duo performs a great blend of easy listening pop songs accentuated by their harmonious voices. Perfect volume and mix of old and new selections will be enjoyed by all.

Rock-Jazz Trio ▼

Our Rock-Jazz Trio features a guitarist, keyboard player and drummer. Music selection includes progressive jazz favorites and classic rock, played jazzy. Led Zeppelin, Cream, Rolling Stones, Beatles and many more will entertain and impress your guests. Other musician combo’s available upon request.

Steel Band/Calypso ▼

Picture this! Instead of walking into just another cocktail hour with the typical, easy listening background music, why not walk into the excitement and energy with authentic calypso music? The inspired and uplifting sounds of the Caribbean will transport your guests to a happy and upbeat place that is the perfect segue into your reception event. Smiles will be had by all!

Andean Music ▼

It is the music of the central Andean regions of the countries of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile. This area is among the richest in the world with regard to variety of musical and folkloric traditions. The band is made up of kena flutes, siku panpipes, small charango guitars and bombo drums. The music is very upbeat and spiritual. The delightful sound is unique and will be an unexpected surprise that your guests will remember for years to come.what

Acapella Group ▼

“A Capella” means with out music. It’s the creative blend of vocal harmonies that dates back to the simpler days of rock ‘n roll, rhythm ‘n blues and Doo-Wop. Take your party on a nostalgic musical journey with the timeless vocals of an A Capella group.what

Classical Duo ▼

Picture this…… walking into cocktail hour and hearing the sweet sound of classical violins and cellos. Escape into the ambiance of the soft, relaxing melody. We offer custom ensembles designed to treat your guest for one hour and enhance any event. Ceremony music is also available and will truly augment and inspire your most cherished moments. Musical arrangements can vary in size based on event and location! We have duos and trios consisting of violins, flutes, cellos. These ensembles can play jazz, swing, rock, or classical music.


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